Brian Eno Creates 'Scape', His Third iPad App

The app, designed with Peter Chilvers, unveils Eno's writing process

The collaborations between software developer Peter Chilvers and Brian Eno continue. The composer has just presented Scape, his latest composition app for iPad. With Scape, the app's users can create their own soundscapes, using different elements. Without the need for any musical knowledge, you only have to choose between the different drone backgrounds, melodic and percussive elements, and modulate the whole with backgrounds, colours, and combinations of geometric forms. Those elements interact with each other in different ways, depending on how they're combined. This makes it possible for each composition made by the user to be unique and unrepeatable.

As Eno says in an interview with The Guardian, Scape goes further than his previous applications, Bloom and Trope, as it takes his own writing process to the user: “what I really wanted to do was to be able to sell the process to somebody, not just my output of it.”

The Scape app is available now for 5.99 USD (click here to get it). We leave you with a tutorial video after the jump.

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