My Bloody Valentine Could Release Their Third Album This Very Year

Stream the historical “Loveless”, newly re-mastered from the original tapes

My Bloody Valentine fans of the world, don't lose hope. It looks like this year the British band are finally releasing their third studio album. At least, that's what Kevin Shields seems to suggest in his declarations to Mojo. “If I've learned one thing about myself, it's that I'm 100% incapable of knowing when things will happen […] I listened to the stacks of CDs [from the band's mooted third album] and thought: 'Shit, this is better than the unreleased tracks on the [EPs] compilation. I decided it would be insane not to finish it. It's material he started working on in the mid-90s, described as “ impressionist” and which, if everything goes to plan, should be released by the end of 2012, including nine tracks.

After that, he wants to do an EP with completely new songs, “recorded and released in as short a time as possible, which would go against his legendary perfectionist spirit. “The myth is that I'm someone who really overworks things but I'm not like that at all. It's just about recording when you feel good and capturing something as quickly as possible.

After the jump we leave you with a previously unreleased track, “ Good For You”, included on the EP compilation “EP's 1988-1991”, due out on 7th May. Furthermore, and courtesy of The Guardian, you can stream the historical “Loveless” album, newly re-mastered by Shields himself from the original tape reels, and slightly different from the original, though you're going to need a great set of speakers to hear it.


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