New website for “Biophilia”

Björk  “Biophilia” As the release date creeps closer, Björk’s new album “Biophilia” is surrounded by an almost scary air of secrecy. On 30th June, the Icelandic singer will launch a series of six average sized concerts (about 1,800 people per show) at Manchester Campfield Market Hall, coinciding with the city’s International Festival. Nothing is known about the new album, not even the release date. But the artist, getting ready for the avalanche of news that will soon be unleashed, has just prepared her website for the multi-disciplinary project, which is supposed to be the most ambitious of her career to date.

The new website, meant to be enjoyed in all its splendour via Google Chrome or Safari, is a departure from a mobile constellation with the mouse tip coinciding with the atomic and galaxy-exploring themes of her new compositions. According Björk herself, the songs will depart from the sound of “Volta” (One Little Indian, 2007) and are played with instruments designed especially for the occasion, like a tailor-made, digitally controlled organ and a 30-foot pendulum that uses gravity to construct musical patterns. The Manchester gigs are all sold out already, but don’t worry, new dates will be announced soon.

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