Beastie Boys Sales Up 1235% With Death Of Adam Yauch

Seven of their albums are on the Billboard 200

We are still shocked by the death of Adam Yauch, and we aren’t the only ones. The tragic news has led thousands of Americans, moved by their memories, to rush en masse to the shops to buy the best of the Beastie Boys. Seven of their albums have made their way in record time onto the Billboard 200 sales charts. With an increase of 802% in sales, “Licensed To Ill” (1986) is 18th on the Billboard list, after 19,000 copies were sold in the last week. Furthermore, there has been an increase with many of their other albums as well: Billboard 200 has also seen the entry of “Solid Gold Hits” (number 51), “Paul’s Boutique” (at 56), “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” (at 107), “Ill Communication” (109), “Check Your Head” (position 124) and “ Beastie Boys: Anthology: The Sounds Of Science” (at 141). In total, 55,000 copies of various albums by the band have been sold in the last week, which means an increase of 1235%.

As far as downloads go, they have also been doing well, going from 14,000 barely a week ago to 151,000 in only a few days. Oddly, ahead of much better-known songs like “ Intergalactic”, “ Sabotage” or “ Fight For Your Right (To Party!)”, the most frequently downloaded song was “ Brass Monkey”.

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