Azealia Banks Premieres A New, Sexless Video For “Liquorice”

The Harlem vocalist is much more discreet in this low-cost version

Zola Jesus said it yesterday in the interview we had with her: the women dominating the music business these days overexploit their sexuality in order to get a couple thousand more fans, who are interested in their curves and the length of their hotpants rather than in their music. A few weeks ago, Azealia Banks' “ Liquorice” video had us thinking along the same lines: “It’s clear that the clip, even though it looks nice, is still an easy, predictable attempt to exploit her sexuality. Maybe it was her ex-manager’s idea, the one that she says that she ended up so fed up with.” Now, in a puzzling move, the Harlem vocalist has decided to release a second, low-cost “official” clip for the track, and the focus is radically different. Instead of the phallic hot dog and ice cream references, Banks is a lot more discreet this time. She has changed the Far West for the streets of Paris, got rid of the hotpants and put on a much more formal jockey suit. We wonder if this new video, even though it fails in its intentions, is Azealia's way of going against that former manager she sent home a month ago.

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