Azealia Banks Records With Kanye West

Rumours grow about a possible collaboration with Lady Gaga

Some days ago, when Azealia Banks spoke of the delay in the appearance of “Broke With Expensive Taste”, the Harlem singer also said that before February - the new date for the release of her debut album - a bunch of exciting things would be happening in her life. It might be that she was referring to this: “When Kanye West Calls...... You Go To Honolulu”, Banks commented last Tuesday on Twitter, adding later “The past seven days have really been epic […] Wow, i get to travel and see the world and rub shoulders with all these really talented people and do all kinds of cool shit. this is fun”. In between those messages, there was a clarifying “ WORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORK...”. So far, nothing is known about the future of this collaboration with West.

On similar ground, that is to say Twitter and collaborations, Azealia exchanged tweets a few days ago with Lady Gaga. “When Mother Monster calls shit is about to get very fucking real”, commented the Harlem musician, which Gaga answered with: “can you make "99 Problems" my ring tone for when I call you, and then shout BITCH AINT ONE at me when you pick up?”. Everyone takes it for granted that there is some sort of collaboration on the horizon. We’ll have to wait and see when and how.

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