Azealia Banks And Munchi Get Into It On Twitter

The single "Esta Noche", the cause of the beef

One of the songs on " Fantasea", Azealia Banks’s mixtape, has caused the Harlem musician’s latest beef on Twitter. The subject is "Esta Noche", the moombahton version of Montell Jordan’s "Get It On Tonite" that catapulted Munchi to stardom a couple of years ago. More and more often, the dance of productions on mixtapes is no longer always preceded by a conversation between the artist and the producer. The problem this time arose when Interscope -Banks’ major label- decided to make "Esta Noche" into a commercial single for iTunes, with a video clip included, and release it on a day like today. This is when Munchi faced off with Azealia in a string of tweets (in fact, they are all of the ones that Munchi has written, since he just opened his account on the social network a few days ago), in which the Dutchman states that he was contacted by Banks’ team after the single’s date and artwork were made official. According to Munchi, Interscope offered him $25,000 and a public apology, an offer that he has rejected, as he considers it disrespectful.

Did the folks at Interscope play dumb until the last minute thinking that the Dutch producer would be happy to accept the money? Did this supposed offer include the rights to the song? How much of this is Azealia’s fault, the person that Munchi is angry with in the whole story? And what about Diplo, who was one of the producer’s godfathers in the early days, and who presumably made the selection of songs for "Fantasea"? And finally, will the single come out today in the end, as planned? As these questions are answered, you can read Munchi’s allegations on Facebook here, or look in on the exchange of tweets, which is already reaching its twentieth hour.

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