Azealia Banks Sets A Date For Her Debut Album

“Broke With Expensive Taste” won’t be out until next year

Last spring, the talkative Azealia Banks promised us an avalanche of releases for 2012. It was supposed to go like this: EP for May (her “1991”), a mixtape early this summer (“ Fantasea”) and a debut album for this coming autumn. But it seems that in the end the Harlem singer will give us a little respite this last quarter of the year, because the album, still titled “Broke With Expensive Taste”, is announced for the middle of this coming winter, specifically for February. This is what Azealia herself said last Saturday on her Twitter account: “Broke With Expensive Taste will be out first quarter of 2013 on Feb 12. (2/12)”. In a later tweet, Banks said that a lot of exciting things will happen in her life by then . “It will ALL make sense as these things start to unravel”. What does she mean?

We leave you here with the recent video for “ Van Vogue”, directed by Rankin.

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