Apple Wants To Give iTunes A Makeover

Integrating iCloud and social networks and file storage are among the challenges for the new version of the software

According to sources close to the company who wish to remain anonymous, Apple is preparing some substantial changes to one of the company's most profitable divisions: iTunes. The world's most successful digital music store could end this year with some new functions. For example, allowing users to share and listen to files on the different social networks, like Spotify does. In order to do that, Apple will need the permission of the record labels, but the same sources claim that Apple is already negotiating with the major labels.

Another of iTunes' pending issues is the way users store their files on their computers and hard drives. With the integration of audiovisual material into the digital store, users have increased the number of files considerably, and with that, the space needed to store them. Apple cares about this issue, and the company might provide a solution with the closer integration of iCloud in iTunes.

While those would be the most substantial changes in the new version of iTunes, the same sources also speak of other improvements, such as the segregation of some of the functions of the present iTunes and turning them into apps for iPod, iPad and iTouch (in the case of the podcasts), the inclusion of audiovisual bonus material by bands and artists (one of the things they're negotiating about), and the creation of a music and audiovisual streaming service by paid subscription, again, according to the Spotify model. Regardless, we'll have to wait for the official press release from Apple to find out exactly what the new iTunes is going to be like, but it seems clear that things are about to change.

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