Anonymous Announces The Creation Of A New Music Platform

Anontune will not house copyrighted material

The “hactivist” group Anonymous has put out one of its usual videos (you can see it at the end of these lines) to inform us of the creation of a new music platform called Anontune. According to Wired, the platform will allow for the creation and playback of music playlists from material housed on the sites of third parties like YouTube, SoundCloud and MySpace. In the aforementioned video, Anonymous explains that “it has come to our attention that the state of online music has been sabotaged by the fat hands of corporate involvement… These changes have led to a world in which your enjoyment of music is controlled and billed by the minute.” With Anontune, they seek to change this situation, although they assure us that the platform “will never house any copyrighted music”. Although the portal is already operative, the project is still in a developmental phase.

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