The New Animal Collective Will Be “Back To Their Roots”

Geologist talks about “Centipede Hz” on BBC Radio 1

On Monday night, Brian Weitz, better known as Geologist, visited Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 to talk about his band Animal Collective’s new album, “ Centipede Hz”, and he left a couple of quotes. For starters, those who expect new slices of kaleidoscopic and somewhat accessible pop like on “ Merriweather Post Pavilion” (Domino, 2009) shouldn't hold their breath, as Weitz said that the band had gone “back to our roots.” “We got a little practice space in this barn on Josh [Dibb, aka Deakin]'s mom's property and it was basically like being a garage band again.”

The band says they opted more openly for organic instrumentation, instead of the samples that had dominated their more recent productions. “This one we wrote more as a rock band in a room and we wanted to record it that way as well.” If you've seen Animal Collective play live recently, you'll have an idea of what “Centipede Hz” will sound like, as they've been playing many of the new songs during their recent gigs.

The album will be out on Domino on 3rd September in Europe, and one day later in North America. Watch the trailer below.

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