Amazon Improves Its Cloud Storage Service

Announcing licenses with four of the major global labels

A year after Amazon launched its own cloud storage service, Amazon Cloud Player, the online giant has improved it. In its race with direct competitor iTunes Match from Apple, Cloud Player has reached a series of agreements with the four biggest label groups, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, to upgrade the user experience. From now on, everyone with Cloud Player can automatically synchronise their music library with the Amazon service (Cloud Player recognises the songs and makes a 256 kbps copy in the cloud, if the songs belong to one of the labels it has signed an agreement with), allowing them to listen to their music wherever they want, whether it be on their smart phone (Android and iPhone), computer, tablet, or iPod Touch. The free service allows you to store and synchronise up to 250 songs. If you need more space, for 25 dollars a year you can store and synchronise up to 250,000 files on Cloud Player.

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