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Would you include a dress designed by Kanye West in your wardrobe?

The rapper will be presenting his new collection this March at Fashion Week in Paris

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Anita Velasco

Of course. First of all, because including it would mean that I could afford it (the next thing would be to buy the pink Cadillac that the FBI seized from Kim Dotcom). And secondly, because if I was invited to the Grammy’s, I’d have something to talk to Beyoncé about besides babies. And what can I say? Some duds by Kanye West sure look better on the hanger than anything from Zara.

Opinion in favor of No por Cristina Ortiz

I wouldn’t be caught dead. Spending a year’s savings on a dress that will encourage people to make indecent propositions in the street is ridiculous. Someone should tell Kanye that fashion isn’t his thing, and he should quit being such a poser. He should go back to what he knows best and quit imitating the battle gear of Primark or the inevitable Jennifer. I’d wear H&M first—it’s cheaper and looks better on me.

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