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Should Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn become enemies again?

The former leaders of Oasis and Blur reconciled over a beer at the Brits

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Mario G. Sinde

I like beefs, and this was the beef of beefs. It almost came to bloodshed. For Christ's sake, stop acting like a bunch of girls and be those twenty-something rebels again, bad-mouthing each other every time you get the chance. The world will thank you for it. Now that they've nothing more to add to music with the bands that made them famous, I'd rather Gallagher be his old foulmouthed self again. The Battle of Britpop must go on!

Opinion in favor of No por María-Wendoline Castro

Alcohol soothes the emotions, and these two are no exception. Now that neither of them has to compete for the NME cover, sanity has entered their lives and they have decided to bury the hatchet. We celebrate that and expect a chart-topping duet soon.

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