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Does The New Madonna Convince You?

Today, ‘MDNA’ is coming out, an album that seems to be dividing the fans of 'The Queen'.

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Opinion in favor of Yes por María-Wendoline Castro

At this point, Madonna hasn't got to prove anything at all to anybody. Her job is to put out hits to brighten up our existence until she retires and the Republic of Pop is declared. Sure, “MDNA” can't hold a candle to her best efforts, produced as it is by producers without class and with no knowledge of the term “cutting-edge”. But just for that delirious “Gang Bang” and the fact that she'll be played at every beach bar on the planet thanks to “Turn Up The Radio”, she deserves our respect. La Ciccone is the matriarch of pop, worthy of the same respect we give to the mothers who gave birth to us. So let's enjoy this record for what it is: entertainment. There'll be time enough for her to team up again with producers who don't copy the present chart sounds and to set the trends herself once more.

Opinion in favor of No por Mario G. Sinde

I'm not going to discuss La Ciccone's right to the crown, but let's be honest: “MDNA” is crap. Which I find especially worrying for two reasons: firstly, because after the slip-up that was “Hard Candy”, the fans were screaming for her to return to her old self, which she didn't do. But most importantly, over these past few years, Madonna has developed several pains in the ass, some of them even becoming downright haemorrhoid-like (I'm talking about Lady Gaga, of course), and we thought she was going to set things straight. She didn't. That's partly the fault of the producers, some of whom are just terrible, like Martin Solveig and the Benassi brothers (what on Earth is that aberration called “Girl Gone Wild” about?), and others who have been spot-on in the past but missed it this time around, like William Orbit. If she wanted to go camp, she should have called Stuart Price, or Mirwais. Anyway, if her upcoming tour isn't up to par, all we'll remember from this will be her galactic performance at the Super Bowl. From Queen of Pop to Queen of Chav.

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