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Do You Like The Shins' New Album?

“Port Of Morrow”, out this week, is one of the most anticipated albums of the year

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Mario G. Sinde

James Mercer has overcome just about every possible obstacle. The guy's in his forties now, a family man, but that hasn't affected the fire burning in him for fifteen years. Furthermore, the fact he's changed the band completely doesn't seem to be of too much influence, either. He's formed a new one bespoke and has done a good job with it - what with producer Richard Swift and Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer being in it and all, no mucking about. After five years of silence and expectations sky high, he managed to come up with a great album featuring all the ingredients the New Mexico band's always worked with: delicate pieces, magic compositions and instant pop anthems.

Opinion in favor of No por María-Wendoline Castro

All this waiting, for this? It doesn't seem like hours of sleep deprivation and nappy changing have done James Mercer any good. Five years after “Wincing The Night Away”, he's back with a piece of work that smells like contractual obligation. There are no surprises at all. “Port Of Morrow” is a decaf version of the former Shins, an album that serves as an excuse to go on tour but will have little or no repercussion at all among their true fans. Stop changing your band around and get your shit together Mercer!

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