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Do You Like The New 'gangsta' Adele?

The singer won two BRIT Awards and gave the camera the finger

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Cristina Ortiz

Adele, tired of being talked about as a great voice with a physique that doesn't go with it, is reborn as the chav she's always been, in spite of her granny hairdo. Doing a full M.I.A, she made it clear that good girls can be bad, too, if you don't give them the respect they deserve. Good on her.

Opinion in favor of No por Mario G. Sinde

I'm fed up with the vulgarity at this kind of galas, it's a symptom of the fast decline of western civilisation. Fed up with so-called stars making a spectacle, drawing attention through scandal and not through music, like M.I.A. I didn't expect this from Adele, always so correct, the perfect daughter, now behaving like any other chav. She doesn't need this, it's bad for her image.

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