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Do You Find Orbital's Comeback A Good One?

Seven years after their first breakup, the Hartnoll brothers have released a new album, “Wonky”

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Mario G. Sinde

Maybe Orbital aren't cutting edge anymore - and maybe on “Wonky” when they try to be, they fail - but they're one of the most important groups in the history of electronic music. This new album doesn't flush the legend, created with “Chime” over twenty years ago, down the toilet. Granted, it's not the best they've ever done, but who expected another brown album after the rather weak “The Blue Album” and “The Altogether”? I'm more than happy with this effort; my low expectations have been met. “Wonky” features some exciting moments, like “Never”, and some robust, classic techno pieces like “Stringy Acid”. If they hadn't done an umpteenth version of “Satan” and that collaboration with Lady Leshurr, we would have a more than notable album on our hands.

Opinion in favor of No por Jordi Berrocal

The argument that “I expected something much worse than this” has become the excuse of choice for those trying to defend their prehistoric heroes at all cost. Honestly, if “Wonky” is all the Hartnolls can come up with, I'd rather they stayed angry at each other (actually, I think they still are, but they're keeping up appearances) and exploit the Orbital brand in their DJ sets. That way at least they wouldn't soil a discography which, over the last fifteen years, they've lowered the standards of so much already that even the glorious memories of their first four albums are in danger. Because a record of which the best moments only serve to bring back the blurry memories of some nostalgic old farts is absolutely dismissible. They could have saved us the embarrassment of that Skrillex moment on “Satan” or that unnerving title track.

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