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Do You Find Chris Brown Collaborating With Rihanna Again Appropriate?

In spite of his conviction for physical abuse, Brown will sing on an extended version of “Birthday Cake”

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Mario G. Sinde

We couldn't disapprove more of the abuse Rihanna received from Chris Brown, but we suppose they're old and wise enough to know what they're doing, so we would be the last ones to be hypocrites: this new collaboration produces a morbid curiosity in us. To find out what the two are capable of together is priceless. Who knows, maybe things will turn out all right; perhaps they'll get back together and be happy, have a couple of kids and - last but not least - leave us with a few more gems of mainstream music.

Opinion in favor of No por Sergio del Amo malo

This is, without a doubt, the biggest mistake in popcorn pop of recent years. We were used to the idea of Chris Brown being dead – career-wise - so were unpleasantly surprised about this grotesque news. The collaboration makes us want to vomit. Weren't they not on speaking terms? It looks like they both think we're stupid and want to make a quick buck off the controversy. We will not let that happen.

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