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Do You Expect Anything Of The New Depeche Mode LP?

The trio has announced that it will release a new album at the end of the year

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Mario G. Sinde

I don’t expect a new “Black Celebration” or another “Music For The Masses”, but I do expect an album that lives up to the legend. Depeche Mode is a group that has managed to maintain its legendary aura without grovelling. Some albums are better than others, but they never embarrass themselves. I expect a handful of good songs from this new album, and - judging by what Martin L. Gore has done with Vince Clarke on the VCMG project - an album that sounds very synthetic and cold, similar to what they did in the 80s. Blind faith, always.

Opinion in favor of No por María-Wendoline Castro

Let’s not be silly. The truth is obvious to everyone: how long has it been since the last Depeche Mode album that was really worth the trouble? Since “Songs Of Faith And Devotion”? Since “Violator”? Everyone knows that they are living off the income from their golden years, and only blind fans refuse to recognise the truth. Furthermore, Depeche Mode make their living from playing the hits live so that you, and only you, fill their bank accounts. Things would have to change a lot for inspiration to come back to them; for them to leave us all speechless.

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