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Do You Believe The Daft Punk Rumours?

It's still unclear if the new album will be out this year and who will collaborate on it

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Opinion in favor of Yes por Mario G. Sinde

Daft Punk are superstars, so this doesn't come as a surprise at all. Perhaps tomorrow they'll be telling us Madonna will be on one of the new tracks. Hell, we're talking about the guys who made a Disney soundtrack like they were the new Vangelis. That's why I'm convinced Paul Williams will be on it. Why would he make that up? The same thing goes for Nile Rodgers. The comments the mythical Chic guitarist made about some improv sessions with the French duo at his place make me drool. The release date, that's another story, I couldn't say if it's going to come out this year or whenever. But in any case, the first clear details that have been revealed give me nothing but good vibrations. Blind faith.

Opinion in favor of No por Jordi Berrocal

Here we go again, blowing everything out of proportion. The fact that Daft Punk pay Nile Rodgers a visit and jam with him doesn't necessarily mean there'll be an album out soon. And Paul Williams' statements sound to me like an attempt to get some attention, by a guy whose golden years were in the seventies and who has just released a documentary called “Still Alive”. What better way to show just that than to say he's working with Daft Punk? Moreover, no matter how much they work with samplers, the duo has never had to ask anyone to “write songs” for them. But guesswork aside, let's focus here: Daft Punk have already said there's no sign of a new album, let alone in June. Blind faith indeed.

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