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Set The Tone EP | PlayGround | Albums ep


Set The Tone EP


Artist: Ossie

(HDB050, 12” + digital)

The London powerhouse that is Hyperdub continues to do no wrong with a new release from East London producer Ossie, a man who’s been slowly but surely making a name for himself in and around the UK Funky scene over the last year.

The young producer delivers a fine three-track release for the label – which by the way marks its 50th 12” release – that is all colourful tones (pardon the pun) and sunshine infused riddims. So just in time for the summer then, that is unless you live in London in which case music like this might just be the most summer we get.

The title cut is built atop a lush catchy rhythm track that definitely screams UK Funky in its first bars yet manages to sidestep the most obvious pitfalls of the genre and instead reaches for deeper grooves as the melodies build towards the drop and sensual effected vocals drift in and out. Straight dancefloor pleasure, of the variety that will no doubt bring the ladies out. Ossie continues this vibe on “The Power Of Love”, once more deploying effected vocals over a strong rhythmic backbone to great effect. His use of percussion and claps making it hard not to move your body and let the track overcome you. “Moves” rounds up the release, a shorter track that’s in contrast to the other two with bright colourful synth melodies from the off sitting over some rolling drums that once more reach for that part of your subconscious that wants to dance and tugs at it until it comes with.

Overall “Set The Tone” is not just a fine release from a promising young talent, it’s also a perfect addition to the Hyperdub cannon – unsurprising considering Kode 9’s A&R track record. Three tracks that are sure to fire up the dance all summer and into the winter months. Lovely.

Laurent Fintoni

“Set The Tone”

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