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City Limits vol. 1.6 - 1.8 | PlayGround | Albums ep


City Limits vol. 1.6 - 1.8


Artist: Silkie

(Medi041, 2x12” + digital)

’s production style is fascinating: he can make the most rigid rhythms sound luminous and graceful. It shouldn’t be a surprise by now, after an album on Deep Medi that cut dubstep with drum’n’bass and deep house, but that doesn’t make it any less fascinating: when Silkie puts his hand on his machines he gets rays of sunlight out of them, and yet he is capable of maintaining a discipline with his beats and basslines that will tear you inside out. In the club, a Silkie banger will take control of your stomach and stretch it with an efficient hold in the form of sub-basslines with the force of a boa constrictor, but your head will go in all directions as well. Delicious.

This double 12” is a new appendix to the album “City Limits” and it shows Silkie’s hard drive to be a gold mine rather than a memory device. “It’s Late” has the strength of the best late-nineties UK garage, it vibrates. “Float” starts like an old Metalheadz dubplate taken to the dubstep of a few years ago, in the vein of his label boss, Mala (half of Digital Mystikz). Drenched in jazz melodies and disjointed between outbursts of bass, it sounds like a soup boiling. “Murky” is an attempt at metallic dubstep, slow, but with beautiful reflections all over the place, and closing track “Techfunk” is an exciting combination of old rave music –the riff is reminiscent of Joey Beltram’s “Mentasm”– with the new school of slo-mo drum’n’bass, culminating in a euphoric outburst of futurist funk. It looks like the man will be inspired for a while.

Richard Ellmann

Silkie - It's Late
Silkie - Float

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