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Greg Haines

Orchestral meditations on “Digressions”

Greg Haines | Music News

Last week, “Moments Eluding” came out - a new album by British composer Greg Haines. It features nothing but the piano, and is the third volume in the “Solo Piano Series” on tiny Swedish label Kning Disk. And there's plenty more Haines to go around - parallel to the piano pieces on said album, the Briton has written a new set of songs, more orchestral (yet calm) this time, which will be released soon on the exquisite Australian Preservation, and entitled “Digressions”. On this record, deep strings and synthetic backdrops rule – with a group of pieces that oscillate between meditative ambient and so-called 'holy minimalism', in the vein of people like Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki and P?teris Vasks. The album is already available on digital, while the physical edition will be out on 14th February.

Greg Haines - 183 Times

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