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Details On The New Jimmy Edgar

“Majenta” due out on 7th May

Details On The New Jimmy Edgar | Music News

As we said a few weeks ago, Detroit wunderkind Jimmy Edgar will release his upcoming fourth album on Hotflush. Majenta” opens a new chapter in the versatile artist's career, according to the label, while Edgar himself states that the record is much less polished, more spontaneous, than his previous work. The artist explains that it’s a sound that is "more futuristic […] than my other music, which played a lot with retro, especially R&B". Taking influences from Kraftwerk to UK garage - from Prince to Peter Frampton - Edgar delivers thirteen songs of robotic pop, with plenty of bubbling synths, jazz-funk vibes, sexual innuendo and vocoders to accompany his own, untreated voice. The LP will be out on 7th May, its tracklist is to the right of this article.

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