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s / s / s: New Project Of Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti And Son Lux

They join forces on the EP “Beak & Claw”, out on 20th March

s / s / s: New Project Of Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti And Son Lux | Music News

This is one of the projects that are going to give us the most to talk about in the coming months. Never mind its music, the fact of its three members coming together seems so surprising in and of itself. Sufjan Stevens baroque-inclined pop, Chicago MC Serengeti’s rhymes, and the dramatic keyboards and vocal chords of the unpredictable Son Lux have just come together under the umbrella of a joint project called s / s / s. On 20th March, the trio will debut on Anticon with four songs on the EP “Beak & Claw.

But there is some history: Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti worked together three years ago on a cover of Castanets’ “You Are the Blood”. They have now decided  to call in Son Lux to give their creative vision a new push. On the forthcoming EP there will be songs for everyone’s tastes: from epic auto-tuning (in the opening “Museum Day”) to heavy funk (“Beyond Any Doubt”), that may remind one of the futuristic shenanigans of Shabazz Palaces. A collaboration with Shara Worden from My Brightest Diamond (on “If This Is Real”) helps to temper the chaos of influences we glimpse flashing across these four pieces.

Lacking a sound advance to give us more clues to this new marriage of convenience, we leave you with the video of “Shazam”, the song that Serengeti presents on the EP “Kenny Dennis”, available from 6th April on Anticon.

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