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Enfer Records Kicks Off With Egyptian Hip Hop Vocalist’s Solo Debut

Aldous R. H. to release “MISC. DISC” on 4th September

Enfer Records Kicks Off With Egyptian Hip Hop Vocalist’s Solo Debut | Music News

Aldous R. H. is the new alias used by Alexander Aldous Robinson Hewett, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of Egyptian Hip Hop. His album debut, “MISC. DISC”, will be the first title in the catalogue of Enfer Records, due out on 4th September. The platform describes his music as an amorphous, lucid and dense brand of psychedelic pop. “The album recorded in under a month captures a vision of (Paul) McCartney II, channelled through fort yongo’s lonely corridors and is partly a tribute to other home-recording legends Gary Wilson, R. Stevie Moore, Ariel Pink, Tonetta and Superstar & Star”.

Enfer Records will provide several different ways to find out what that actually sounds like. Below you'll find the vaporous video for “Love Is Inside You”. More on this soon.


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