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Elle Fanning Might Have A Starring Role In “God Help The Girl”

Stuart Murdoch has set his eye on the young actress from “Super 8”

Elle Fanning Might Have A Starring Role In “God Help The Girl” | Music News

The last time that we talked to you about the musical Stuart Murdoch wants to make of “God Help The Girl”, it was to tell you that they were looking for actors. Well, sources suggest that Murdoch seems highly inclined to call on the services of Elle Fanning, a talented child actress with plenty of cachet within the mainstream (thanks to “Super 8”) and in indie circles (she was at the orders of Sofia Coppola in “Somewhere”). This news and the fact that they have already raised more than 120,000 dollars in their Kickstarter campaign - that is to say, more than the 100,000 they had set as the goal – would suggest that this project (which has been on the leader of Belle And Sebastian’s mind since 2003), is on its way to becoming a reality in line with the latest timelines foreseen. If so, filming would start this summer in Glasgow.


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