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Modeselektor: “We Are Very Serious People Who Don't Tell Jokes...”

Or how the Berlin duo conquered the techno world with a sick sense of humour

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Considering the success of “Monkeytown”, where do you plan to go next?

We are currently touring but have already planned our next album (to be released towards the end of this year). We are already in the studio working on it. We then also have our two labels Monkeytown Records and 50WEAPONS that need our attention...

We spoke to Sascha Ring (aka Apparat) last year, and he suggested that work on a new Moderat album was imminent. However, we've barely heard anything about it since then. Will there still be a new album? If so, how is it progressing?

We have just scheduled in a time frame where we all will go into the studio again to record a new album. The work itself will probably be similar to during the production of the first album. And also the processing won’t change as we are still 3 very stubborn and perfectionist guys...

How does making music as Moderat compare to your usual creative process.

“Monkeytown” has definitely been influenced by the production of the Moderat album - like real teamwork, quick decisions, don't overwork things...

Sascha seems ambivalent about Berlin these days, whereas you've always loudly championed the city. We know you love it, but what are your least favourite things about Berlin?

Döner, parking spaces, the Tegel airport (TXL), silence.


“Berlin”, your paean to the city in collaboration with Miss Platnum, is probably the poppiest track you've done. Were you happy with the results, and can you see yourself doing more stuff in this vein?

This collaboration was a total coincidence. Nevertheless we are really proud of that track and this collab. A whole album in this style wouldn't really work … But we love this track!

You've collaborated with some immensely talented people, is there anyone left who you still desperately want to work with?

It´s a secret!! Psst!!

If Modeselektor was a political party, what would its slogan be?


If Modeselektor was a cocktail, what would be in it?



Even when answering stupid questions Modeselektor play with convention: their political response is to joke; their joke response is to make a political reference. They put serious effort into their work, and work hard to make sure they're not seen as taking themselves too seriously. They even claim they don't seek to elicit anything but positive emotional responses from their listeners, while soliciting vocal contributions from that master of melancholia Thom Yorke. These are the sort of wilful contradictions that make Modeselektor so special. Techno legends who strive for every other type of beat. Party monsters who you can listen to in the bath. You can guess what their response was when we asked them to tell us their favourite joke...

“We are very serious people who don't tell jokes...”

...which is both a fine joke in itself and paradoxically also kind of true – they only joke when they're not expected to. With their record labels readying the release of records by everyone from Addison Groove to Mouse On Mars, and the salivating prospect of new Modeselektor AND Moderat albums in the not-too-distant future, we can hope to see that idiosyncratic stamp of predictable unpredictability appearing ever more frequently...


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