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PlayGround Mix 149: aTelecine

The perfect gift from Ian Cinnamon: almost four hours of esoteric music in this mammoth mix and, if you want some dirt, a complete explanation on why Sasha Grey is no longer involved in his band.

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PlayGround Mix 149: aTelecine | PlayGround | Music Mixes



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“Smash the control images. Smash the control machine.” (W. S. Burroughs)

*Download the mix here

One year ago, prior to their live debut at the Unsound Festival in Krakow, we asked aTelecine to contribute with one mix for our ongoing podcast series. Ian Cinnamon replied kindly and accepted to do something special for us, but unfortunately it finally didn’t happen –there was actually a mix, featured at FACT Mag–. When Ian apologized for the whole thing, he made also a promise: his new mix, whenever it may happen, would be for PlayGround. A year passed, and here it is. And a very special mix, we must say, as Ian has put a mammoth piece of music together, comprising almost four hours of his favorite music, lots of dark, esoteric, arcane and flowing stuff from the likes of Coil, Death In June, Coil, Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins, Roxy Music and some other cult bands that deal with the mesmerizing qualities of music.

One can understand why it has taken him so long to perform this: things haven’t been easy for him. As he confesses (for the first time, we guess) in the following interview, his partnership with Sasha Grey (both as members of aTelecine and as a marriage) is over. Sasha doesn’t belong anymore to aTelecine, and the band has a new singer called Sveio, who Ian describes as a kind of low valkyr. These are the news, but there’s more: Ian’s explanations are long and detailed about “the big lie” (not his words, but ours) Sasha Grey is. So we’ve decided to keep them all almost un-edited for you to consideration.

Besides that, you’ll find fresh information about aTelecine’s upcoming releases, the new sonic direction for the band and, of course, the mix we asked for in the first place, which has happened to be a titanic piece of music, a very special feature with all the influences and the love from Ian Cinnamon.

atelecine-sasha-grey_310713_1375255237_54_.jpg Shasha on aTelecine

When you sent us this mix, you said in one of the mails that Sasha Grey was no longer a member of aTelecine. How was that?

Ok, you’re gonna get way more than you asked for, but fuck it... It’s time to start down this path. However, I don't really want to answer this question and I don't want to leave it blank. So yes... mistakes were made on my part for sure, I did some typical dumb little boy shit, I'm a human being just like Batman and John Lennon. But it was nothing so major that you know well... That people who really love each other couldn't bounce back from. However, fucking LA life style, fame, sex, money, delusions of grandeur, all of that can also fuck shit up... Folks, people, let me just tell you all: the Sasha Grey you think you know is pretty much bull shit, that’s a stone cold fact! I know because I was there from the start, but that's why I'm also writing a book/movie/ballet and death grips anti-opera, I'm an artist and a pirate that’s what we do. I will omit tact and say that it was all very, very fucking sad and shitty because a large part of me will always miss her and be in love with her but she doesn't give a rats ass about that. She doesn't care about me at all anymore, hot garbage has a better relationship with her. It's all about the truth, right... Well this is all a shitty shit fuck bucket of the truth, it's all fucked up and full of some crazy shit, no more lines, no more borders, no celebrities, no gods, no monsters! No matter what the team goal is, what the collective idea for everybody there are, those who do not see it that way if you are a weak link you get tossed, if you are less than ideal fuck you, if you have become obsolete and your feet are gross, goodbye. Her skewed way of logic is, in my stupid opinion, like this: the world is black and white right & wrong, so right there it proves she never read any Nietzsche anyway... when we all know in reality it is many, many shades of grey. In fact, most people don't know it was I, your humble village idiot Ian p Cinnamon, that gave her that stage name. But that's why I've documented it all, so that at a later date you the people can make your own minds up.

"This whole adulation

of her is really stupid

to me. Don't you

think people should

stop stupid hero

worship especially of

people who don't

really deserves to

be heroes at the

end of it all?"

What would you say Sasha contributed to the project and in what sense will you miss her presence?

I would say she was ultimately a muse for me and my musical ideas and other bureaus of artistic expression, a benefactor in the manner of the lady who did so for Debussy (although I’m better than Debussy because I can play the drums naked). Yes she was a patron of my art rather than a true accomplice. Obviously I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be missing the fan base and attention she brings, but in a way it's a good thing, perhaps people will just like the music now and not hope for a tits and ass show (even though that was never the case ). I mean, I believe Sasha never was interested in prancing around in skimpy outfits and shaking her ass to bad disco; despite our now explosive schism she isn’t the type to do be that lame, because if that was what it was then, well… There would be no aTelecine. We both are not into exploitation for explorations sake, at least I hope she’s not. Hey now… Ian wants credit where credit is due, I should have been in some of those interviews talking about the music and the project at large. No... it's been unfair to the public to think that it's coming all from her mind, that it’s another one of her gifts... Ha ha, do I sound bitter and pissed off? Sorry... a little bit. What really sucks is knowing her and loving her and growing with her, I can tell you like most people there is a complex set of triggers and motivations for the things we select in life. Nothing comes from a void, a black action reaction it's perpetual… You dig me? What I miss most is having one of my best friends in the whole world next to me, she was always fearless to try anything I suggested and that's a neat thing to share with somebody... That, and late night farts. But no more shared farts anymore. This whole adulation of her is really stupid to me… It's kinda like her new erotic novel, she didn't write that by herself but she gets all the credit, that's bullshit. Am I wrong? Isn't that bullshit? Don't you think people should get credit for the work they do? Don't you think people should stop stupid hero worship especially of people who don't really deserves to be heroes at the end of it all? I'm saying: think for yourself why is Sasha Grey famous. For sex talent, for deep philosophical intellect (give me a break), because she has opinions (we all do, this entire interview is full of my misguided egotistical asshole opinions) Hmmm? Chris, Cosey, Lustmord, to me those are heroes and you know what, they act like it, they work hard for their supper and the stand for something and they are down to earth.


What can you tell us about the new singer? How is her different from Sasha?

Sveio is completely different, she is a Viking warrior, she is a powerful sonic force. We are not lovers, only lovers of music and art so we are clear to create amazing things. She can really sing with an almost baritone voice that rumbles as much as it lulls. Her poetry is thought provoking and charged with humanity, she is like me also a multi instrumentalist, so she brings so much creativity to the table there is almost no room on the table anymore, where as Sasha would really bring only herself and no real concrete ideas into the fold not for lack of having them... I just need to say that it’s sad really because I think someplace inside she did have interesting ideas, but she was just never really encouraged to live it, breath it. When she was a child I tried to encourage her and sometimes it would work. No, she wasn’t really a singer and her writing is little stilted, but it could have developed I think. I really don’t know what’s going on up in that head of hers, I just think she was either lazy or not really interested in joining the hallowed halls of other esoteric artists only interested with the street creed it would give her persona. I could be wrong, but I suggested to her to quote somebody that I admired in Cosey, “my art is my life and my life is my art”, and in Sasha’s case this does not appear to be is a lifestyle you dig ( this is where I go off in hard truth mode). I mean, shit, had made TG [ed: Throbbing Gristle] posters, where on my wall as teenager, not fucking Tupac (note I love good hip hop, fuck, I love all good music, but sometimes some people perpetrate being more culturally dexterous than they actual are). It's OK to be middle of the road, many teenagers are into weed and Tupac and The Beatles, that's normal, but that was not me. That was her reality, she didn't know about any of that esoteric elitist stuff, are you kidding me? She didn’t read Burroughs as a teen, that’s all crap she was, is just a normal girl and that’s OK, nothing wrong with that, just come clean and say “hey I’m kinda boring and I’m not an artist, I’m a pop culture persona” like Kim what’s her face and Paris honey boo type disposable poo poo. Grooming interesting and subversive culture: I guess for those of us who lived before the empire, the Internet (waving my fist old man style) we discovered stuff the hard way, shared tapes, zines, shit like that... Bonded because the music, art, whatever, was not on the radio and it spoke to our alienation, etc. We investigated the music and were inspired to create our own shit. I call it the Velvet Underground effect… If you understand then good, if you don’t then great! I have question: would you even want this mix and interview if there was no Sasha / aTelecine connection… Would you be interested in the music and art on its own merits? [editor note: the answer is yes, for years we’ve featured upcoming and underground artists in this mix series, posting lots of experimental stuff, so our reputations talks for ourselves]


At Unsound Festival you and Sasha were the only aTelecine members on the performance, but the project has two more people, Pablo St. Francis and Anthony Djuan. Are they still involved in the project?

The current line up is me and Sveio, and in the studio sometimes Pablo, but he is incredibly agoraphobic, he hardly ever leaves his home. So really it's a two piece outfit now. Anthony is a part time member, actually we are developing a side project focused around him . He is a gifted poet. It’s time the world is allowed to enjoy all of his arts.

How was the experience of playing at Unsound Festival in Poland? Why haven’t you played live more?

I loved the festival, Mat and all those guys are great people and put on a great festival. In fact I've been bugging him to play another one to debut the new sound and weirdo ideas I have hidden in my anus and or up my sleeve. We plan to play more live shows. I want the shows to be stranger, more complete as a performance piece. I wasn't happy at all with what we did at Unsound, we actually were missing Tony (he was going to do some cool shit vocally but for health reason he couldn't fly; anybody reading this please send beer to his house, it’s like his super food). But, yeah, it ended up being a two people behind laptops with glowing faces thing… I hate that shit. I mean, I'm not Kraftwerk or Lustmord, so I don't deserve to do live shows that way. aTelecine hasn't earned the right to let the backing projection do half the work, no sir, we have to get out there and fuck shit up, put the energy out to the fans, it's all reciprocal, you know. I understand that we aren't a fucking cock rock band, but move feel some pain, fuck, like somebody is watching you or at least like you want to please your partner... So I was really let down by that, plus again half the people just showed up to see what the mighty Miss Grey would do and you know what… she did very little. Over a year to plan it and her contribution was as usual last minute and minimal, honestly. She had to be told what to do, I composed a brand new 38 minute piece of music and created the backing film... OK, I'll stop bitching, but the rehearsals were a joke, that ended in me flying off the handle and acting like a complete idiot, so there's also that fun memoir. But beware, you have not truly witnessed the awesome power of aTelecine live yet... But you will. We are coming to your house.


You are about to release the third vinyl on the Pendv Sound series, “The Origin of the Obsolete Robot”. How was your approach towards it, given the circumstances?

Very difficult, it took forever between Sasha and I splitting up as a husband and husband team, that’s right, I said, its legal in California now! And just other non creative bullshit things, it all as usual fell into my lap and I wasn't really inspired to do much except hang out with my dog (which she now refuses to acknowledge that MacReady is also my dog too) and try and find the right ratio of whiskey to sleeping kids; DO NOT TRY THIS, I have a t shirt stained with my bloody vomit, not cool at all… Not fun, just lame and dumb. Hail Satan! Over all once I got my act together and stopped trying to visit Ian Curtis. I'm actually really happy with the way the record turned out, it’s a “swan song” in a way… a closing of one set of ideas and a open tablet to the new ideas. Actually we are more than half way through creating a new record with a very new sound. The album will be called “Second Secrets & Shadow Sides”.


The Pendv trilogy was put on sale for pre-orders at a very high price one year and a half ago, more than 100 bucks. Who decided to put that high price?

I have no idea, I have nothing to do with that, it takes forever to get any money from them too, sooo… Yeah, I hate that shit too. It’s silly probably the label needed that to pay for the cost of making the box, I don't know. I just want to make them special like when I was kid. Coil stuff was expensive but it was also special. Sorry for any pain that fans have to go through, I should give that trilogy away for free as a download and ask fans to send me a silly note and I will send one back they can then fold it and make a CD package, I don't know. Or I’ll make the first 100 fans BBQ or something, don't worry, I’ll come up with something for vegans too. This is the fan address: PO Box 372 Coloma Ca 95613, send me anything, dirty underpants, dirty notes, whatever you wish to communicate us.


How do you explain the evolution your sound has suffered from the noise industrial music of your beginnings to a more bucolic ambient of the last records and the Unsound show?

I'm a big fan of a healthy breakfast, how about you? It's really evolving, it doesn't stop growing and I hate to label it so close to the bone. But I wouldn't call “Sounds That Gods Fear” ambient, that record was based on Neu! and Faust and German bands from the 70's, but whatever… There are more machine driven tracks on “The Origin of the Obsolete Robot, I would call it more industrial, so phooey on you.

Are you working in any soundtracks?

I love soundtracks, if you’re a filmmaker and have minimal budget and a good film hit me up, I can't do it for free but I will work with you. Actually, I'm about to score a film later this year. Perhaps that will be put out too, so far I've done two: “And Six Dark Hours Pass” and “Entkopplung”. I will keep doing them because I'm good at them and I'm good at sleeping on your sofa, mail to me and I will slumber upon it and then mail back to you. No charge.

How did you conceive this mix and what do you want to transmit with this gigantic (almost) four hour set?

I sat down with a bottle of wine and a diaper and just started to play things I wanted to hear and in hopes that others might also want to hear. I added some FX and some dialogue samples because I like that sort of thing, and after the diaper started to leak and the wine was gone I stopped. I made it long because it’s my way of saying thank you for your long patience with me, and to all the fans of strange odd esoteric music and art everywhere. Thank you for letting me give my dumb shitty opinions and thank you to all the people who listen and enjoy aTelecine, Ian P Cinnamon thanks you and will write to you if you write to me. Love.

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