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PG Podcast 014


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PG Podcast 014 | PlayGround | Music Mixes


PG Podcast 014


Duration: 00:39:18

Their youth and kinship would make it easy to come up with all kinds of jokes, like “the Jonas Brothers of future garage” for example (don’t get mad, boys, we haven’t invoked the name of Justin Bieber). Because, yes, Howard and Guy are brothers, they’re 19 and 16 years old respectively, and the first thing that’s surprising about them is the amount of skill and talent they have between them at such a young age. It’s not the first time such young artists have emerged and with such a fresh approach –there’s The Martinez Brothers in New York, who animated the house scene of their time with stunning DJ appearances when they weren’t even old enough to enter the clubs, and before them there was the case of the Border Community pack, most of whom released their first singles before they turned 20. What is pleasing however is to notice how music regenerates, how it lets young and able people come up and push aside producers who prefer to rest on their laurels and live off past achievements.

Disclosure’s first single inserts itself into a tradition that’s also young and just crystallising this very year. Future garage, post-dubstep or emotional dubstep –there are so many labels that refer to the same thing: a branch of dubstep that lets soulful melodies, warm textures and the revision of the rhythmic tics of 2step prevail– has in these two brothers a new name to keep an eye out for. In fact, the selection they have prepared for PlayGround features tracks by all the key artists of that sound born in the heart of South London with Burial and Joy Orbison, which now carries us to them and can be prolonged for all eternity if the scene wishes it so. Forty passionate minutes to celebrate the launch of the duo’s first single, “Offline Dexterity”, a 7” in a simple blue sleeve released by Moshi Moshi. Do you want to know more about the freshest dubstep? They answer some of our questions here, and then present a mix of music for dancing horizontally.

Everyone stresses how young you are, yet how mature Disclosure sound. When did you start making music, what was your set up, what did you try to do with your first demo tracks?

We have been making music all our lives in one way or's only at the beginning of last year we decided to put the name Disclosure on it. We didn't ever really record any demos. The tracks you hear on the first single are pretty much the first songs we thought were good enough to bother recording and showing people. They were both made on a macbook and mixed pretty much in Guy's car and in our lounge... pretty limited set up!

Maybe it’s not a random thing that so many South London producers happen to share a common sound. Is it a real soundtrack for the area, do you listen to dubstep all the time on the streets, in McDonalds, on the radio? Do your friends from school share the same love for this music?

The word dubstep seems to cover a wide variety of meanings now, but if you mean new emotional dance music then yes. We listen to a lot of new wave hip-hop too and house music. Not just from the UK though, there is so much incredible music coming from everywhere.

How did the connection with Moshi Moshi come about? Were you sending demos to labels or was it a happy “accident” ?

A few blogs featured one of our songs and Stephen sent us an incredibly brief message on myspace, saying something along the lines of 'I like your tunes... Can I release them?' to which we said 'Yes'. Quite funny really. There was some interest from other labels, but we both really love the Moshi label, and we liked the idea of bringing a new sound to its portfolio.

Do you get along like good brothers? What's a typical day in the life of the Lawrence brothers - what do you do, what do you share, and what spaces do you keep private?

We get along great. There are fights, but that's how it should be. We have enough space as Howard is at college still, and I work part time so when we are free we just work work work.

What role have your parents had in your musical development? Have they encouraged you?

Our parents are both musicians. Our Dad was once signed to CBS records with a band, and our Mum plays and has played professionally all her life. They couldn't be more supportive really.

How do you get your records? Have you started to receive promos?

Our press guys at Toast give us lots of music on CD and vinyl which is great. Some promos too, yes. Other than that we just find music through blogs and buy online. I love being in a random town and going to some tiny charity shop and just buying loads of old looking broken records and tapes. Its mostly shit but sometimes you find a gem. Sounds a bit grim but it's great.

Did you have a music teacher at school?

I had, and Howard is being taught now by a great music teacher called Graham just at our local college. He would laugh and probably swear at me if he knew I was talking about him in an interview, but he's nothing short of a grumpy, extremely talented legend.

How and where was this mix for PlayGround made?

The mix was actually made in the car on the way down to Eastbourne. It was a beautiful day and such a nice drive so we just had to make something right then and there on my macbook on Ableton Live... hence why the drops are far from good!

It’s usual to ask artists what their future plans are, and so will we do that here. But, besides the musical future – tours, DJ gigs, new upcoming tracks – we’d like to know if you've got any academic plans…

Next year we will be playing a lot of live shows. We want to do something a bit more special than just DJ sets. Other than that there are many many tracks in the pipeline that will be in your ears soon!

Disclosure - Street Light Chronicle Mix

Martyn: “Yet”Blasta: “Feels So Good”

Joy Orbison: “Untitled Edit”

Pearson Sound: “Wad”

James Blake: “I'll Stay”

Mount Kimbie: “Carbonated”

George Fitzgerald: “Weakness”

Cosmin TRG: “Since Last Night”

Sepalcure: “Love Pressure”

Pariah: “Orpheus”

Disclosure: “Linstigator”

SBTRKT: “Pause For Thought”

Subeena: “Solidify”

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