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New Das Racist Video | PlayGround | Music Media

New Das Racist Video

Watch the fun clip for “Girl”

Though it's been more than a year since Das Racist's official debut “Relax” was released, the trio has just released a video for “Girl”. Produced by Goatface Comedy and directed by Aristotle Athiras, the clip shows the adventures of a dance-happy young Latino in search of the girl of his dreams.

Nicki Minaj Thinks She's A Pixie Princess | PlayGround | Music Media

Nicki Minaj Thinks She's A Pixie Princess

The flood of videos continues with "Va Va Voom"

We have no idea where she finds the time for all that pre-production and video shooting, but Nicki Minaj has just released yet another video, this time for “Va Va Voom”. As retreated as ever, and with the Gaga complex running wild (we're talking about her growing eccentricity and her choice of clothes), the American turns into Sleeping Beauty for a few minutes. Will she find her Prince?

The Spaceape Makes His Solo Debut | PlayGround | Music Media

The Spaceape Makes His Solo Debut

Watch the unsettling video for “On The Run”

The Spaceape is getting ready to fly solo. So far, we only heard from him in collaboration with other producers, mainly Kode9, but also Martyn and Echologist. However, the release of “On The Run” seems to indicate his solo debut on Hyperdub is around the corner. The label is keeping its mouth shut about it for now, simply sharing a tribal flavoured video accentuating the sombre tone of the song.

The Shins, Live On “Austin City Limits” | PlayGround | Music Media

The Shins, Live On “Austin City Limits”

Enjoy their concert for the American PBS Television Music Program

The 38th season of “Austin City Limits” keeps adding high-flying guests. After Radiohead, Bon Iver, Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples comes The Shins and Dr. Dog. Both bands were featured on the fourth episode of the season, recorded in March at Austin’s Moody Theater and broadcast last Saturday. To the right of these lines, you can check out the setlist for the concert The Shins gave.

Animations In Sepia, Black, And White, In Anstam’s New Clip | PlayGround | Music Media

Animations In Sepia, Black, And White, In Anstam’s New Clip

"Hope's Soliloquy" forms a part of his recent album for 50 Weapons

"Hope's Soliloquy" is one of the cuts that you will find on "Stones And Woods", the mysterious Anstam’s latest album for 50 Weapons, available since last Friday. It is also the first to have a video made for it, in this case entirely digital, although in shades of sepia and grey, as if it were an old roll of photographic film.

of Montreal’s Dangerous Games | PlayGround | Music Media

of Montreal’s Dangerous Games

Moderate violence and psychotropic sex in the video for “Sails, Hermaphroditic”

of Montreal bring out the beast they have inside for the video to “Sails, Hermaphroditic”. As you will be able to see below, anything goes in this improvised American football match, from biting to hitting with sticks. Although everyone knows that music and sex always calm down wild animals…

Grizzly Bear Live From New York | PlayGround | Music Media

Grizzly Bear Live From New York

Enjoy part of their gig at Radio City Music Hall

On 24th September, Grizzly Bear played at the New York Radio City Music Hall. Now, part of that gig is out on video. Among the songs performed are "Sleeping Ute", "Ready, Able", "Two Weeks", "Yet Again" and "While You Wait For The Others". You can see and enjoy them all below. Something to ease the pain if you're not able to actually go and see them live.

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The Pleasure Of Recording According To The Sea And Cake	 | PlayGround | Music Media

The Pleasure Of Recording According To The Sea And Cake

The band debut a video for "Harps"

The Sea And Cake have debuted a video for "Harps", one of the songs on their recent album "Runner" (Thrill Jockey, 2012). The director, Jay Buim, follows two teenagers with a recording device, documenting every sound they fancy, from a deflating balloon to breaking waves by the coast.