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As Young as Yesterday

Artist: Korallreven

It's in the air they breathe, the education they receive, in the relaxed rhythm of their daily lives - always supported by the “welfare state” and a level of civilisation most people in the south are unfamiliar with. The music of Korallreven - with its Balearic aromas, its rinsing euphoria and uplifting sounds, deliciously unruly (those exaggeratedly high-pitched voices) and care-free - is like being on holiday on the Swedish coast. Like a weekend navigating between the islands near Gothenburg with the sun on your face. On “As Young as Yesterday”, the first advance track of their eponymous debut album to be released on Acéphale on the 15th of November, Korallreven present themselves in the good company of Taken By Tress' Victoria Bergsman. The tune will be released on 12” next week, with remixes by Panda Bear and Girl Unit.


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