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Florence + The Machine Float In The Atmosphere Of Clams Casino | PlayGround | Music Media

Florence + The Machine Float In The Atmosphere Of Clams Casino

Listen to the remix of “Never Let Me Go”

Artist: Florence + The Machine

Record Label: Universal Music, Island Records

Genre: pop, electronic, beats

The noise of dishes, pianos with dampened sound, almost like tubular bells evoking an uncertain past. Damp atmospheres that invite one to think of solitary strolls in the early evening light, and that voice. A voice that starts out sounding like it is turned inwards, soaked in a romantic nostalgia, to end up dripping with litres of that ecstatic emotion that overcomes us when we feel exaggeratedly alive. Against all prognosis, the worlds of Florence + The Machine and Clams Casino blend perfectly, to the point of making us want more encounters, more tailor-made songs. The remix will come out as the B-side of a 12” release limited to 500 copies, numbered and with a photograph of Karl Lagerfeld on the sleeve. The Vinyl Factory will put it into circulation on 9th April.

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