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Charlotte Gainsbourg's “Anna” Remixed By Moonlight Matters | PlayGround | Music Media

Charlotte Gainsbourg's “Anna” Remixed By Moonlight Matters

The Belgians do a synth-pop reinterpretation

Artist: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Moonlight Matters

Record Label: Elektra

Genre: synth-pop

On 3rd April, a new EP by Charlotte Gainsbourg will come out, including several remixes of “Anna”, one of the songs on “Stage Whisper”, the album of old material, discarded tracks and live recordings of some of the tracks from “IRM”. The first of those remixes is by Belgian producers Moonlight Matters, who seem to have developed a taste for songs by charming female singers, as they've recently done remixes for Adele and Lana del Rey, too. And just like those reworks, they're taking good old Charlotte to the field of euphoric synth-pop.

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