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Pearson Sound

Pearson Sound

Name: David Kennedy

Origin: London, UK

Labels: Hessle Audio, Ramadanman, Apple Pips

Aliases: Maurice Donovan, Ramadanman


Pearson Sound is the most famous alias of David Kennedy, who also records under the moniker of Ramadanman; his style combines dubstep with influences from sounds like ghetto house and UK garage. Kennedy has also released tracks using the name Maurice Donovan, focussing more on vocal house. He is the founder of the Ramadanman label and co-founder of Hessle Audio. He started spinning records when he was fourteen, becoming involved with the dubstep scene when he was studying at the University of Leeds. In 2006 he started his first label, Ramadanman, and made his debut with the single “Dynamic Balancing / Hungarian Skank”. In 2007 he started the Hessle Audio imprint with his university friends Ben UFO and Pangaea. At the same time they started the Ruffage nights in Leeds. Besides Hessle Audio, Kennedy has released records on labels like 2nd Drop Records, Soul Jazz, Swamp 81 and Apple Pips. He is also a respected DJ: in 2011 he released the DJ mix CD “FabricLive 56” under the name Pearson Sound/ Ramadanman

Essential discography

As Pearson Sound

“PLSN / Wad” (Hessle Audio, 2009)

“Blanked” (Hessle Audio, 2010)

“NSWL007” (Night Slugs, 2011)

“FabricLive 56” (Fabric, 2011)

As Ramadanman

“Blimey” (Hessle Audio, 2008)

“Dubstep Allstars: vol. 07” w/ Chef (Tempa, 2009)

“Glut / Tempest” (Hemlock Recordings, 2010)

“Fall Short / Work Them” (Swamp81, 2010)