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Name: Markus Popp

Origin: Darmstadt, Germany

Labels: Thrill Jockey, Mille Plateux

Aliases: Grzegorz G?adki

Groups: So, Microstoria


Oval is the project by German experimental musician Markus Popp. At first, Oval was formed as a trio in 1991. Sebastian Oschatz and Frank Metzger left the group in 1995, leaving Popp as the only member. The three musicians are regarded as pioneers of the glitch genre, which is based on the sound generated by errors in digital equipment. Dropping the use of synthesisers, Oval would damage CDs on purpose, writing on them with markers, in order to process the palettes of fragmented sounds and create electronic rhythms. Since the transformation to solo project, Oval has released several albums on labels like Thrill Jockey and Mille Plateaux. In 2003, Popp released an album with Japanese singer Eriko Toyada under the name So, a project that is part of Microstoria, which he has been developing alongside Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars) since 1995. Popp has also worked in film, contemporary dance, advertising (his track “Textuell” has been used for years in an Armani ad) and has done several interactive installations.

Selected discography

“Wohnton” (Ata Tak, 1993)

“Systemisch” (Mille Plateaux, 1994)

“94diskont.” (Mille Plateaux, 1995)

“Dok” (Thrill Jockey, 1998)

“Ovalprocess” (Thrill Jockey, 2000)

“Ovalcommers” (Thrill Jockey, 2001)

“O” (Thrill Jockey, 2010)

“OvalDNA” (Shitkatapult, 2011)