Hoya:Hoya 003 Hoya:Hoya 003


Ikonika / Om Unit / Monky Ikonika / Om Unit / MonkyHoya:Hoya 003

7 / 10

Ikonika / Om Unit / Monky  Hoya:Hoya 003 HOYA:HOYA (HOYA003, 12” + digital)

Manchester’s Hoya Hoya continues its ascent into the firmament of forward thinking UK collectives, with the third release on the label showcasing three of the country’s nicest – and stylistically different – producers.

First up is Hyperdub’s first lady Ikonika with “Fleas”. A production that blends her trade-mark colourful, ecstatic synth melodies with a darker, sombre lead and a rhythm that makes great use of percussive funky-esque drums and that old favourite, cow bells. A club cut if I’ve ever heard one.

On the flip side, London’s Om Unit opens the proceedings with his most “challenging” production to date, “Fibonacci 10”. Based around the famed mathematical sequence of the same name - and with a time signature that generally causes people to stop and wonder what the hell is going on - it’s a mesmerising number that builds on previous work especially in its hypnotic quality and the cleanliness of its drums and bass work. It very much needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. Wales’ Monky closes the 12” with “Hipster”, a production that brings together his previous hip hop and dance-floor work with loose drums and a deep, chest pressuring sub - combined with angular synth sounds that jar not unlike a hipster’s choice of clothes.

Another strong release for Manchester’s world conquering collective, which should be a fitting addition to any DJ’s arsenal or music fan’s daily soundtrack.

Laurent Fintoni

Ikonika: “Fleas”

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