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Sicko Cell

(unknown)  Sicko Cell The British electronic scene is in turmoil. And, again, it’s the fault of someone who has no face. There are suspicions and rumours (some cry Loefah, others Addison Groove, in the wake of “Footcrab”), but nobody really knows –or rather, there probably are people who do know, but they’re keeping their mouths shut– who is hiding behind the infectious “Sicko Cell”. What is certain is that, ever since Oneman started playing it at the end of last year, everybody’s going on about it, and with good reason. The track is only out on white label for now and in the hands of some of the top dogs of the London scene, so we’ll have to make do with the radio rip. This is how Benji B presented “Sicko Cell” a few days ago. I'm the information. Cocaine powder...{youtube }t1h_cdlJ9zo{/youtube}

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