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La Sera

Devils Hearts Grow Gold

La SeraEven the most decaying being, even the blackest and most rotten soul can end up a new person with a heart of gold. How? By giving them affection, respect, attention and LOVE. Yes, don’t laugh: love can change us. Of course, it can make us stupid, it can lead us to idiocy, to living with our heads in the clouds, but at the same time it’ll cleanse the soul and take away our grudges, jealousies and fears. That’s why this song is here: because the retro pop of La Sera is love. The debut album of La Sera, the personal project of redhead Katy Goodman (of the Vivian Girls), will be in stores on 15th February via Hardly Art. “Devils Hearts Grow Gold” is the second single off of the album. Look for it on 7” vinyl as from next Tuesday. {soundcloud}{/soundcloud}

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