Burnout Eyess

oOoOONow that it has gathered an accessible, solid sound corpus (thanks, above all, to the good distribution of the recent EPs from Balam Acab and oOoOO, the first two references of the Tri Angle label), the so-called witch house sound should now focus on developing their visual props. It’s not that we think this fan-made video for “Burnout Eyes” is spot on, but at least it’s a significant attempt at translating into a visual format (significant in as much as it avoids the gloomy, obscurantist clichés associated to the scene) songs that have less of a gothy darkness to them and more of the degraded light derived from shoegaze. In waiting for the band to make their own video, these images taken from a nuclear test (the Hardtack Operation, carried out by the US army in 1958 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) serve us as an excuse to insist on the infinite charms of oOoOO.

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