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?nkown Sh?pes

If I Should Die/Used to give a FK

Apart from being an excellent beatsmith, Blue Daisy, a man who needs no introduction on these pages, is also a manager and promoter. Kwesi Dark, as his real name is, has discovered a diamond in the rough in ?nkown Sh?pes (Unknown Shapes), a collective of bass jugglers, with, as far as we know, no well-known faces among their line-up but whom there might be a lot of talk this year. Their sound was enough to convince Blue Daisy to manage them. At least, that’s what he says, because we wouldn’t be surprised if it was all him in a new disguise after all - time will tell. For now, as a first contact with the anonymous force that is ?nkown Sh?pes, you can download “If I Should Die”, a five-track EP you shouldn’t miss out on, here. A great debut. {soundcloud}http://soundcloud.com/playground-2/unkown-shapes-if-i-should-die{/soundcloud}{youtube width="100%" height=273"}tKqG8Sv3jCY{/youtube}

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