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Since We Last Met / Ricardo Villalobos Remix

ndf Ricardo Villalobos in the DFA catalogue? Yes. That surprise you’re feeling now is the same surprise that caused a stir a couple of weeks ago when “Since We Last Met”, ndf’s first work, was released. Ndf brings together Steven Ford (aka Bruno Pronsato) and Benjamin Myers (aka Sergio Giorgini from Benoit & Sergio). Loyal to his style, Ricardo Villalobos distorts the techno-pop base of the original by stretching it and twisting it, producing a handbook for collective hypnosis with minimal rhythms, ugly noises and vocals that sound Rohypnol-sedated. As they say over at James Murphy’s: ndf + dfa = xtc.NDF- Since We Last Met NDF - Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

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