Zebra Katz Premieres A Video For “W8WTF” Zebra Katz Premieres A Video For “W8WTF”


Zebra Katz Premieres A Video For “W8WTF”

Latex, cuffs and afternoons of paranoia and hangovers in expensive apartments

His “Ima Read” , alongside Njena Reddd Foxxx, made quite a stir earlier this year, partly thanks to its video, oddly magnetic in spite of the sparse images. Now, Zebra Katz is looking for a similar vibe with “W8WTF”, his single with producer Boyfriend, released last March on Senseless Records, as the lead track on the EP “Winter Titty” . In the video, directed by Ursula Mann and once again wonderfully styled, our star wakes up cuffed in some unknown luxury apartment, without knowing why or how. We share his confusion, his attempts to remember what on earth happened in the hours before. And that bath full of balloons, is that a tribute to The Weeknd's “House Of Balloons”?

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