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Safari Disco Club

YelleWhat do clouds smell like? What does Sahara dust taste like? What do giraffes dance like? What drugs do lions, or Orangutans, prefer? Easy: join Yelle’s “Safari Disco Club” and you’ll have the answers to these and many other questions. Though she may seem daring and insolent, a night bird, petite Julie Budet is everything but an assiduous party animal. At least, in daily life the French girl prefers the quiet family life, close to the woods and the beach. Ask her about her favourite pass-time when she’s not on tour and she’ll say things like “walking my dog,” “cooking for my friends” and “crocheting”. Yelle is an escape route, an open door to representation and fantasy. And that’s what her “Safari” is, too: exotically flavoured electro-pop fantasy. Practice your roar and start dancing (or hunting). {soundcloud}{/soundcloud}

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