Wiley Wiley




Apart from being one of the names written in golden letters in the grime history books, Wiley has been showing his relentless creative output is virtually unlimited for years now. He's delivered an average of one album a year since 2007, not to mention his singles, but the man already said earlier this year that he'd be releasing two in 2011. So, not even two months after the release of “100% Publishing”(Big Dada, 2011), the producer and MC has his new LP ready, “Evolve Or Be Extinct”. Big Dada will release it; although no release date has been set as of yet, the first single off of it is already here. Produced by Nana Rogues, “Link Up” features an austere beat and a magnetic bass, snares sharp as knives and nervous stabs of cinematic strings over which the British MC displays his intricate and biting lyrics; this time about his encounters with the opposite sex. The single comes with a remix by Alex D and will be out on 12th September, also on Big Dada. 'Link-Up' Wiley - Link Up (Alex D Remix) by wileyfan

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