Wild Nothing Premieres Video For “Paradise” Wild Nothing Premieres Video For “Paradise”


Wild Nothing Premieres Video For “Paradise”

Michelle Williams travels to Niagara Falls

Three months after the release of “Nocturne” comes the first official video from Wild Nothing ’s second album, for the song “Paradise” . A young woman of great beauty. The deserted waiting area and halls of an airport during the off hours. Shots of the control panel of an aircraft and a sea of white clouds. Dark glasses and walkmans. And readings, from Iris Murdoch’s novel “A Word Child” (1975), the lines from it read by actress Michelle Williams (known for her roles in “Brokeback Mountain” and “Dawson's Creek”), recited in the middle of the song. The destination of her journey is no other than Niagara Falls, the image of the “paradise that is just on the other side of the window”. Directed by Matthew Amato.

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