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Fail Forever

When Saints Go Machine  Fail ForeverDanish band When Saints Go Machine are keeping their distance, which is having the effect of making us intrigued about what they’re up to. Although it’s all relative, of course, as you only need to dig a little bit in the Internet to find out that Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer (the souls of Kenton Slash Demon) are part of When Saints Go Machine, who have been around for at least two years. That’s enough time to have several singles and even a whole album out, “Ten Makes A Face”, released by EMI Denmark in Scandinavia in 2009. To avoid suspicion, there’s nothing like recording a new video and erasing the tracks –the first official clip for “Fail Forever”, which has been deleted from the band’s YouTube page– of the recent past that now, thanks to !K7, become the future again. The track is also the title of When Saints Go Machine’s first EP for the German label. Look for it in stores from mid-January.

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