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On February 21st, Sacred Bones is getting ready to release a 7” with three songs from War, the collaboration between two young Copenhagen punk activists, Loke Rahbek (from Sexdrome) and Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (from Iceage). These songs were recorded on a four-track cassette last summer using analogue synthesisers, a range of pedals, drums, and guitar. As the label says, on “ At War for Youth” they will offer a mixture of post-apocalyptic punk and primitive Chicago house. “ Brodermordet” is closer to the second of these two coordinates: it is distorted house and lo-fi, as if you were listening to it from the bathroom of a club, if the WC were underground, in the basement of the building. The piece claims to be inspired by fratricide, specifically the story of Cain and Abel, but the video lends itself to other interesting sociological readings.

The new songs from the leader of Iceage’s parallel project with Loke Rahbek will come out on the Sacred Bones label on February 21st.

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