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Walls  Sunporch

They left us with a stabwound through the heart with their memorable debut album, so the news of new episodes in the Walls discography can only be a reason to celebrate. The new album by Alessio Natalizia (alias Banjo Or Freakout) and Sam Willis (half of Allez Allez) will be called “Coracle” and will be out on 26th September, once again on Kompakt. Like on their debut, the duo plays a kind of shoegaze where volatile guitars, languid synths, enchanted vocals and emotive melodies form a fragile and beautiful landscape, only with more emphasis on the rhythm. At least, that’s the impression we get from “ Sunporch”, the first advance track. Walls have added an insistent bassline arpeggio to the aforementioned ingredients, for a track that makes us think of trips along deserted highways in a summer storm. The single will be released on 29th August..

"Sunporch" By Walls by Kompakt

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